Sunday, September 20, 2009

gearing up for Jennifer's Body

i'm having an anxiety attack still. i bought GABA for 'clarity and focus'. i asked the naturopath to recommend sumthing and she suggested this product.
BUT i read the bottle and it's for STRESS and nervous system.

hm. chronic stress.
it's a natural factors product: chewable/tropical flavour. tastes like a banana scratch n sniff. ( i just twittered that. how dumb. i'm trying to spread the word. i'm trying to help others. like me).

i still dont have much of a plan for my actual bday.

diablo is interesting right now (to follow. on twitter). her sugar scene seems to be out of control and she's going on about rollercoasters (researching online in and amongst the maelstrom of Jennifer's Body. she even made the connection on twitter that her life parallels the rollercoaster w/ it's UPS and DOWNS. DUH), baking toll house cookies, driving miles to stand in line for cupcakes, sample tweet:

"Phone rang just as I was reaching for a pint of Coffee Heath Bar Crunch. Had to take call. Now have confectionary blue balls"

doesn't she realize that that kind of sugar is akin to crack?
..i guess that is how she deals w/ stresss. so much presss for jennifer's body! it's wild! lucas twitters. he went ahead and read the script. noted that much much of the dialogue was removed. he says it is more like a fairy tale. lucas is smart.


Saw "Jennifer's Body" w/ John. Probably my fav movie of the year so far.

NO! "Jennifer's Body" only did $2.7M on Friday. GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!

Read "Jennifer's Body" screenplay this morning. Movie cut out a bunch of dialogue; proof that direction & casting totally made it a success.

Story and focus on character is what really makes "Jennifer's Body" different. Ambiguity, absence of cliches & not relying on genre

Visuals of "Jennifer's Body" were excellent: amazing set pieces, detailed close up shots, and never attracting attention to itself.

Anne Thompson on the poor marketing of "Jennifer's Body": "neither a horror thriller for men, nor a coming-of-age horror-comedy for women"

AT again: Studio "aimed marketing @ men who like Megan Fox, but girls don’t want 2 see her." The movie is clearly made 4 a female audience.

It's a hard movie to spin. I object to the trailers making it look like a high-school movie. It's closer to a fairy tale than anything else.

Lucas writes great tweets. Tweetie bird! You can find him at 'Found Alive'.

she (DC) and i have a few things in common: a love of rollercoasters and a love of horror. let's do the math. childhood=horror movie and mood swings = rollercoaster.

However, i do not eat sugar.
this is torture. it's true. When i do eat sugar/fall off the sugar mountain band wagon - i pay the price. i pay and pay and pay. I fall off. When I do, it's hard.

but truly. i really do like her (DC). she's alot of fun. she has good juju. (what the beep is 'juju'? is it mojo? she's got the good vibrations..but she isn't very healthy. i'll tell you that much for free). But. she is still young.

in honour of diablo - i think i will go see JENNIFER'S BODY on my birthday.

i wonder when 'diablo' is going to drop that rockabilly first nickname? dontcha think she should? she already has a full-on new haircut (bleached blonde/shortie). New Look.

o and of course courtney (aka CLTRANSLATED) tweeted:

DO YOU MIND @diablocody? If you're gonna name your movie after my song could you at least footnote me a little in the press?

is this a joke? doubtful. She is so totally out of hand these days. it's nauseating. i cant stand her all over again. She can take a hike.

PS. if you hit the 'rollercoaster' link you are in for a sweet surprise. My mom and i had a brief laundermat stint in the late 80s. I think our machine at home broke down (temporarily). We had to go to the ESQUIMALT PLAZA to do laundry. I'd drive her over in my beige volkswagon Rabbit. We'd hang out there. It was a laundro/video rental combo PLUS PINBALL. It was there that i read my first SASSY magazine. (What stood out to me most Sassywise was the coloured text on black background. like coloured chalk. it was mesmerizing. all of it). It was there i found WILD RIDES. Matt Dillon is so very, very passionate about..wild rides.
of course we also played pinball. those are some Good Times memories!

I want to go on a world tour of rollercoasters and waterfalls.


anabela / fieldguided said...

Erin saw CL stumbling around and cursing angrily outside the Rodarte show last week. She was literally AFRAID of her!

Tessa said...

Sounds like a great plan for your birthday! And I haven't thought about Sassy magazine in forever...I used to be obsessed.

Anonymous said...

the " me and bunny soph " photos are quite unbelievable . Happy Birthday Sonja , love iron man

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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