Monday, July 6, 2009

"Courtney's Crystals"

tina yothers. i remember this. she'd scawled 'Nation Of Ullyses' on the wall. There is a Steiff monkey on the bed and reproduction antique cat stickers on her guitar. I loved it all. Look at her complexion. REAL! I was told that Obama used to attend N.O.Ullyses shows in DC.

i have this. look how scary! I LOVED this.


(Thanks, Lisa Prentice!!!)

i hv to say...i'm fascinated by her...again - Courtney, that is. (L.P. is always fascinating. chuckles).
her face and hair look good in the video ...nice make-up..pretty rad. The nose job was a good one.
she's scary thin. she was twittering about that the other day. "Biafran" she feels like.

how did she get so THIN?
does she ever eat?

cos remember how big she got?
there's a rare pic of's really hard to find online but it echoes yo-yo weight loss like kirstie alley scene EXTREME. how does a body handle that?...there was a point a few years ago where courtney and frances were living in a crappy rented condo and she had $300 to her name.

how does she build it back up?
again and again and again?

I'm wondering where she gets her money these days.
what does she do?

at this point she is only famous for being famous.
does she get paid to sit at certain celebrity events?
or attend some opening of a nite club?
well..i knew it. HOLE are re-forming.
she dropped her MOR ballad type stuff. she wrote a song in recent past called 'Letter To God'. it's so over the in: 'can't live/if living is without you/can't give/can't give anymore..'..or: ALL BY MYSELF by eric carmen.

"Letter To God" is kind of terrible in a great way.

I think she's shelving a whole album she's been slaving away on for YEARS.

i can relate to that.

Grant brought me more ballet shoes from the National Ballet for my collection. he brought me BLACK BALLET SHOES. i almost died. They are superior. They are so beautiful i might have to make art inside of them.

i have an idea.

umm...i'm doing the rosebud piece for a lady who would like to purchase it (a ballet dancer!)'s so tedious. please note: it's the 'retail side' of my art. i haven't done it since 2006 and it's all scaled down but still. It took me hours just to get into it. actually this is the first time i've done it on paper. none of the other ones exist. it is truly an ephemeral piece. maybe it shouldn't exist. anyways, i'm trying to archive it. these things take hours and hours.


*mary* said...

Courtney fascination never truly goes away, it just goes into remission.

I didn't know she has a twitter! I searched one time and couldn't find her.

quartzneptune said...

I just imagine the person selling her those crystals with giant dollar signs in their eyes. Ka-ching!!!

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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