Wednesday, July 8, 2009

(Hot Glue Guns 'n' Roses)

Broke Ass Mountain

working on this window this week...elements of/parts thereof/components...FOR WEEKS...putting it up tomorrow. when i commit to a project, i can only go for it...weeks of mulling and prepping and thinking and working..and everything else falls by the wayside..everything. which is why i have a hard time committing. i long to hear the voice inside that says: DO IT! without a doubt in my mind. that only happens sometimes. mostly the voice says: well, here are the pros and cons...weight it out yourself.

spending HOURS on the rosebud piece and it's final. i understand that i do not work like this anymore. i'm having flashbacks of a project i did in high school. CLAYMATION. From scratch, i taught myself how to do stop animation. My auntie diane's groovy boyfriend lent me his superfancy VIDEO CAMERA...set it up for me and gave me a 2 second lesson. I spent the next...48 hours? i dont'know..a long time making my VID. And check out this ill-thought out project - was very into GUMBY at the time..i thought a story of Gumby...going to the beach! I built a diorama and created a whole gang of 'people' that were going to harass gumby at the beach...sort of square-shaped perhaps "Mr. Men" inspired shapes with only legs...they come along and disrupt the idyllic let's do some math...PLASTERSCENE AND SAND. High intelligence going on here. Very well thought out. It was...very frustrating..These are the times when a girl needs peeps to bounce ideas off of. I'm full of them ideas...some of which are half-baked, some good, some very, very dumb.

so yes...working for hours and hours with a hot glue gun and tiny rosebuds and trying to figure out how to archive this me those flashbacks...was very discouraging and i'm paying the price right now. the end the gumby beach sand piece and and square-shaped-legged gang CLAYMATION turned out neat. It looked old-fashioned - like a silent film but in colour.

PS corey feldman showed up at the Michael Jackson memorial dressed up in Michael gear.

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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