Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Toppin' Proppin'

Top Props!

woah. one my favourite twitter people is: LAURA JANE FAULDS.

I highly recommend following her on Twitter.

"Sexy Sadist"


i'm taking dr. skipper's advice & getting LINKS.
so i looked @ LJ's blog she writes for: NOGOODFORME

and i find this props stuff and that pic. wow. the fact that she described me as 'an immensely positive person' blows muh mind. I have also been described by others as 'an immensely negative person'. I am very concerned about these matters.

last nite i went out.
MIRACULOUSLY MANAGED to double elisa rose on my bike. for blocks. and blocks. i've never done this before. i assumed i couldn't do it. we went to different bars (i never do this!) and i kept saying: let's go. this one sucks. there's no one here' etc. As doc skipper would say: just like edie sedgwick would!

i tend to get bored in these is esp bad if i do not have my doodling materials. i end up TEXTING BROTHER or speshul frenz.

at one of the bars i saw my naturopath. she got to see me drinking jagermeister (it's herbal) and eating bites of elisa's pizza. ya. awesome. i am truly on track here.

saw my friend tara azzopardi's band HANK. they were really interesting (serge serge gainsbourg/weird garage rock). They wore white and it was all ladies and a showman & o & another man playing synths who was obscured by the crowd. the drummer lex vaughn was incredible. i told her so in the bathroom. i said, 'you're such an incredible drummer! so compelling to watch!' She seemed touched by my earnestness. (I love drummers. Keith Moon is my favourite. I especially love drummers who are controlling the rest of the band).

actually - Lex is a TOP-NOTCH PERFORMER.

shary said: Lex is the funniest person in Toronto.

jerri blank is the funniest person in the world.

here i sit with the garbage strike wafting in thru my window. this is very lame.
the summer sucks so far. the weather is a DRAG.

PS lex vaughn starred as PEEWEE in a live production of 'big adventure'. Lisa Smolkin played Dee Sneider. An excellent rendition of. I only got to see the youtube version. A huge heartfelt hard workin' production to fundraise funds for Toronto Cyclists Union. how cool is that?

PPS i watched PeeWee's Playhouse as a teen. Every Saturday morning. I was re-watching recently w/ some pals and we sat agape and mesmerized: 'did that really just happen?' We watched a 2-minute shot of a friendly dog eating a can of dogfood out of his dogfood dish. A super close-up shot. FOR TWO MINUTES. possibly longer! I couldn't believe it. We watched that dog eat all his dog food!!!
but yes. what a special show!
(child actor natasha lyonne plays OPAL)

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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