Sunday, July 19, 2009

toilet paper roll

in the LATE NINETIES i went thru a spell of making Art out of toilet paper rolls. only it wasn't really art. every time i had a new 'skeleton' roll, i would make a little face on it according to my mood and then i'd tape it to My Wall. I usually have A Wall over my workspace where I pin things up randomly without thought. Like so many others. Sometimes that is where the more REAL (read: 90s) art goes down. That wall from 99-00 has v. little documentation - some poorly lit shots. I was working in the little kitchen at the time. I make most of my art in the kitchen.
I'm still vaguely 'following' C. Love on Twitter. Right now she is working on her MOODBOARD. She's really into it. It's kind of cute.
On another day, I will feel strong dislike towards her. Again. She disappoints. And, as Dr. Skipper pointed out the other day - she is, unfortunately, a sociopath.

Bottom Line.

i'm behind on blogging. can't we find a better name for that? dash snow, elvira hancock (Scarface's Wife), like that.

oh. my pal lucas soi suggested a different title for that last installation. He felt that SKID wasn't appropriate. That is awfully nice of him to point this out. I like constructive criticism. I am officially open to it. C.C. So I changed it to "Landscape".


kristin said...

i agree - i like 'landscape' - - 'landslide' works, too.


Sonja Ahlers said...

landslide Yes! thot of that w/ the stevie. i have an incredible idea regarding her and the black satin pointe shoes...

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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