Saturday, July 4, 2009

Dr. Skipper Is Awesome!

ya. Prentice should rule world.

thanks for sending me this!

i dont know how she finds these things..i give up too easily. on certain things.

Ok so further inspection..Gwyneth isn't as 'bummed' as i remember. clearly i was projecting. she actually looks quite smug which is much more in line with, what i summize to be - her character. seriously. she's a hollywood brat who attended only the best prep schools. her levels of CONFIDENCE are unparalleled. jealous? i think not. you couldn't pay me two million dollars to be in that chick's shoes. I will, however, admit i definitely have a hard time with The Privileged and class.

but way deep, deep, DEEP down inside - we are all the same...all with potential to be as depressed or euphoric as plath, paltrow (Gwyneth Plathtrow. see?).

Barf. Spare me.

I hate that new age shit. (even though i am quite Nu Wage).

God. even her NAME. Woah. Time out. Just wiki'd the meaning of her name. Welsh for 'happiness'.


(did i mention i am in a bad mood?)

PS further dissection of the ad: G.P. looks really tanned. Note silver rings against skin tone (even if B&W). Remember those sweaters!!!!! Ha ha!


Elisa Rose said...

This picture of G.P. was in Sassy magazine. Everything in Sassy is engraved in my memory, which is why I finally decided to give them all to the thrift store about 8 years ago. I actually regret it now. I told myself not to, but I do. I often wonder what Sassy would say about today's state of affairs if they were still around. And I'm pretty sure that Rob Pattison would've been on their cover and that they would've said something about how he's not very interesting after all.
Oh ya, we were talking about G.P. Well, I think her husband is hot so I wouldn't mind spending a day in her shoes or, her bed.

Sonja Ahlers said...

seriously? you think Chris Martin is HOT???
in fact - i feel the opposite..although there is a coldplay song that came out awhile back that I feel like crying every time i hear it.i tried to download it but i think they are like prince fascists and nobody can download their music.
i wish i had every issue of sassy in my library.

quartzneptune said...

How I passionately wish that GOOP allowed posted comments!

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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