Wednesday, July 8, 2009


complete sh*t knock-offs. Sequins! They're s'posed to be rhinestones. I want those 'bakers-leeds' so bad(ly)see below)). I'd just put them on a shelf & stare at them. For the rest of my life. And then I'd be buried in them.
Only $49.99! Damn. Too bad i was a teenager stuck in Canada. If I was American, you know I would've had those boots. My whole life would be different.

i've been re-obsessing over th0se boots for several years now. Yah inner-net! if it wasn't for you, i'd have to leaf through old SEVENTEEN magazines from 1985 just to find the ad - just to prove to myself that these existed! But first I'd have to find the SEVENTEEN magazines!
sometimes i think i dream these things.
Desperately Seeking Susan is in my top 5 all-time favourite movies. I even have the soundtrack. It's hard to find. It's mostly synth music. And, of course, Madonna. Listening to it makes me feel like i'm getting off a Greyhound in New! York! City!

I just found out the vintage clothing shop in it LOVE SAVES THE DAY is still OPEN! That's where Susan finds the damn boots! How could I not know this till NOW? It's on 2nd Avenue in New York's East Village. I'm so going there. Wait. Hold the phone! - it just closed! I just did a quick search. It looks quite tacky and their rent was increased $10,000 so they're moving. It's been around since the 60s: an anacronym for LSD. (insert sound of deflating tire).

(note: i even drew a LOVE SAVES THE DAY shopping bag and put it on the last page of Temper, Temper. Yah. My love is real).

i'm going to 'install' the art in the window tomorrow @ Magic Pony. 'Install'. It sounds like I'm going to put in a light fixture. Art words. Favourite art word: PLINTH.
I just made some miniature red flags. I guess I am progressing with my work. Just mere weeks ago those red flags were sitting flat on a piece of paper - now they're 3D!! Thank heaven for seven eleven TOOTHPICKS!
I drew/painted the red flags in my sketchbook to forever remind myself flags. I was having too many crushes back-to-back overlap and then promptly forgetting all about said crush object (i hate that expresh/word)...but must always pay attention to those flags. i'll put it on a shirt and wear it. every day. i think back to the red flags of days long gone. if only i'd paid attention. it can cost you years of your life! Sometimes love does NOT save the day.

i have lots of materials for the window - i'm still into 'depression-era-esque' materials (another art word). My rubberband ball, my aluminum foil ball, my white bread clip collection (not for white bread - that yeast/wheat/sugar free business)etc. (The 'balls' aren't ready - i just like talking about them). Plus i carefully cut out many, many pinnipeds which are SEALS from around the globe from Katia's (sublet lady) 20 year old National Geographic map penny get the drift...and of course my collection of book sculptures which include: the black stallion, watership down (sorry wont read it), feminist theory books: backslash, the female eunuch (ugh! that sick cover), women/self-confidence, fear of flying by erica jong, 2 sweet valley highs, felicia the critic by ellen conford, etc.

Plenty of materials. Will need to edit radically. Radical Edits.


demo derby said...

will your plinth-stillation still be at magic pony in 2 weeks? we are coming to toronto then and i want to come look at it.

Crystal said...

I thought I read somewhere that Love Saves the Day is moving to New Hope, PA.

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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