Wednesday, July 29, 2009


amazing. Click that. Now. That just made me extremely happy. "They're" making a movie about The Runaways. found out a few weeks ago randomly leafing thru 'US'. Starring dakota fanning and the girl from TWILIGHT as joan jett. The Runaways *&@#n ruled.

i'm planning Three Nites Of Party. Not really. The Degrassi girls are DJing sum 80s party this weekend. My friend Melanie is coming to Toronto. We have been friends for about 23 years. We used to have so much fun as teens. We had a fake band (tennis racket, airdrums, def lepard). We'd stay up late making each other die from laughing. How did I not die? We'd watch Jeopardy over the phone together. We'd pass notes all day in class. Elaborate notes. A fashion line for amoebas called 'AmoebaWare' - they couldn't keep their clothes on for very long. One time we saw a Flasher in the park. We ran home to call the police.

years later i made art about the flasher. melanie became an incredible drummer. o ya. forgot. i played music too. for seven years. or more. and now again. BODY DOUBLE is dusting itself off. E. Rose is mixing "Gem Stone Henge". Possibly this second.

I get to go to...THE COTTAGE next week. Yah! Two Whole Days before i get kicked off the island. (that's where the cottage is). There is a time limit for this visit. I can only get there by speedboat.
Later this month, I get to art direct an album for the band SISTER. Yah! Carla and Lynette! Sisters. Can't wait.
(more on this at a later date).

Things are dope!

PPS courtney love is driving me insane on Twitter but...well...she always pulls something redeeming out last minute. It's gotten to the point where it's like: "Oh thank god. She went to sleep" (@ noon or.. was it 9am?)..Silence. and then! She's back!!...i practically ran away tonite. Hit 'close' button. She did, HOWEVER, post a decent link for Carla DeSantis - the nation's leading advocate for women in rock. The world needs more of those.

PPPS + was going OFF on 'taylor momsen' on twitter. o geezus. i didnt know who that was - gossip girl/now has teenager band: 'pretty reckless' i googled that sheet and it was ...ya. i see why C.L. would be annoyed. she's a total lameass copycat but whatever..women in rock, right? i hate posers, though. they just can't seem to get it right. but she can sing. her back up band is idiotic. there is someone that i super hate and it's that idiotic idiot from fallout boy. 'Pete Wentz". every time i see his mug i just wish i could smack that smug look off his face. UGH. and ashlee simpson - his wife - she totally sucks, too. Jeremy had his picture taken with her once and i was so mad: Why would you pose with such a poser? He thought it was hilarious that i would get so mad. Very superficial.

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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