Saturday, August 8, 2009

carrie snodgress

she was in "Blue Sky". Neil Young 'fell in love with the actress'. He wrote about and married her. Man Needs A Maid.
she has aged in a strange bitter way. at least, this is how i read her face. As a young lady, she was very cool.
I want to read his biography SHAKY (his nickname). I saw a copy at this good used bookstore here in Toronto (TO is full of those. People here love to read. Same as Portland). But the book is HUGE & HEAVY. I am not sure I can take this burden on right now - as much as i love Neil Young. Especially a young Neil Young. My brother tortured me as a teen by blasting NY 24-7. B/c of this: I hated NY. That music does not appeal much to a teenage girl from the 80s. These days I cannot live without it. Cubby was convinced I stole one of the discs from his 'essential collection'. As if. Eventually he found the disc years later doubled up in a Sugarcubes jewel box/cd case.

as for the myers-briggs...i dont know. it's kind of a strange corporate/army vibe. it's v. black and white. i'm more of a 'maybe' than a 'yes' or a 'no'.
I heard on CBC that courtney love posted 60 entries on her blog one day. now she just tweets it. sometimes every 10 seconds. & then nothing for days, weeks.


Robert Dayton, Junior said...

Shakey is great! If you hate Crosby stills and Nash as much as I: read this book! He's a great writer and a Neil Young fan yet calls Neil young on his bullshit! One of the best rock bios!

girlyhandwriting said...

I have been reading 'shaky' for a long, long time.

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