Wednesday, August 26, 2009

i'm sitting here in montreal. i missed my train yesterday. slept thru my 'goldphone'alarm clock. i thot i hit 'snooze'. ("Snooze Button" is one of my 100 nicknames).

if you have sleeping problems, it is suggested to go sit outside first thing and face your face to the sun for fifteen minutes to set your biological clock. done and done.

i bought the new vanity fair. i bought the FARRAH one. there is a super nice spread on don and betty draper. apparently, michael weiner (!?) suggested JANUARY JONES +(that name!! aka 'betty', 'birdie', 'betts') read ARIEL by Sylvia Plath. I was just scanning a line drawing of Ms. Plath the o'er day so now i have an idea for another page in my book - w/ betty and sylvia togeths. at last.

i am trying not to lose my mind over bookcopy. over attempting to 'encapsulate' and/or frame the work i do. it might as well be a tombstone. engraved forevs. this has been an impossible chore over the years. esp now that i am working on the book, the material - and am meant to be move out of that to talk about the work - while it's happening - it feels like my brain might break. i do nothing at the drop of a hat. i dont work in an ER room. that's not my profession.

although 'stevie nicks + hollie hobbie' is making some semblance of sense. since i make CRAFT PRODUCTS and like ROCK. i feel grateful for that. somehow.

gdamn it might as well be 1960. nothing has changed. take me to town on that. i won't go.

i'll go enjoy montreal now. all i want to do is go to LA RONDE and go on that ferris wheel and stand on the expo 67 site.


quartzneptune said...

I got the new vanity fair too. Michael one.

Sonja Ahlers said...

we gotta put them side by side and/or have our fotos taken with them. NOW

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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