Sunday, August 30, 2009

farrah, tatum o'neal, paper moon, the room etc.

pictures: Youngest Best Supporting Actress winner: 10-year-old Tatum O'Neal, Paper Moon (1973),Farrah in The Burning Bed and Extremities, and dad/womanizer etc Dad Of The Year Award goes to.....RYAN O'NEAL!

the weirdest thing happened last nite after reading the 'farrah' VF article. it's messed. and what's-his-pickle ryan o'neal: what a MESS. publicly declaring that you 'hate' your children but then again admitting he's the worst father on the planet and that he blames himself for farrah's cancer.

SO. shortly thereafter

i was surfing around on youtube lookn for some 'the room' footage and found this gem instead:

Ryan O'Neal from a Norman Mailer (!?) directed movie: Tough Guys Don't Dance worst line reading ever!!


a strange coincidence. a very strange coincidence (refraining from using 'coinky-dink')

maybe some of you have seen this. it has been viewed around 800,00o times. or more.

i was actually hunting down "The Room" footage which has now been named 'the citizen kane of bad movies'

i can't wait to watch it. nadiya said she was laughing so hard she got lockjaw or sumthin like that. she's an actor, so she KNOWS THIS SHIT. plus she worked at blackdog video for awhile and she knows EVERYTHING about movies.

PS tatum was arrested even last year for buying crack off a homeless guy. so yes. ryan o'neal's children are all in and out of jail. he's awesome. AND he's sorry. tatum apparently hated farrah. and apparently melanie griffith was the one who took tatum as a young child to some hollywood orgy and corrupted her dad got her into opium. etc LIST GOES ON. etc etc etc. Melanie Griffith is super messed. i saw a pic of her at coachella whatever stupid music fest looking totally forlorn and alone in a really bad 'hippie outfit' (replete w/ headband, of course). god, it was so sad.

Autobio note: yes. everything thot i looked like tatum as a tot.

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