Saturday, August 29, 2009


Kind thanks to the Sea Of Tea for this unbelievable documentary:MARVS of the Yukon - A Mediatation. Starring MARVIN (from the pound. Resuced by JennyBen), special guest appearance: ALICE. Created by: Candice Tarnowski. Debuting at this year's Toronto International Film Festival.

(my friend maya was wearing a tshirt in that coca-cola-coke font: Enjoy Weed!. i was laughing. i know you know it but the context was perfection).

Btw..sitting here in the incredulous montreal freezing my ass off. it's freezing out! i haven't had to wear pants in 4 months - dresses only. NOW. OVER. oh well. i get to drag out the lavender frye boots again..oh and my pink boots (pink pearl eraser pink. i have two pairs. one near destroyed). wait a minute. what am i talking about? thru chilly season - which in Toronto is 8.5 months of the year - I wear the same pair of jeans day in day out.
i just had a cappuccino made for me by the number one barista in the country. 'cafe myriad' on mackay near concordia for coffee lovers. supreme.
and i'll probably go get some 'macro' thing at aux vivres which'll be my 3rd or 4th trip there this week. i, like marvs, am a creature of habit.

AND i need to finish this book.

harkening back on earlier 'kork-ease' posts..i did end up writing my complaint letter on the construction/craftmanship of the sandal. i've had to get them re-built by a professional. It's very important to complain. It helps the world and makes it better. it's like an art school CRIT. ya know?
harkening back on even earlier posts: MARVIN has showed up on this here blog over time. i have another VID of him attempting to clean himself while My Tunes are playing in the background ("Spaceship Superstar" by Prism). i'll post it later-skater. One of my nicknames for marvs is 'dinkus'. cos that's what he is. he wont let anyone pick him up or cuddle him which is ALL you want to do with that muppet and cotton fur with pissed off expresh of all time. He just runs away from you..skuttles out of the room. Audi-500. now i know why people make stuffed animals.


Jenny said...

skuttles is a perfect word to describe marv's movements. he does like to cuddle but on his terms...which usually means that he lays on your head while you sleep.

Sonja Ahlers said...

remember how i always call out when he comes into a room: MARV!
like he just arrived at a party!
he looks at me and takes off.
you're a lucky duck to have him sleep on your head!

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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