Sunday, August 16, 2009

'donger's in town for five minutes & he's got someone/i live here my whole life & i'm like a disease' (i am slow)

i didn't have alot to say about the passing of john hughes. i'm not sure why. the whole MJ thing left me stricken ('something is rotten in the state of denmark' style). maybe i was too emotionally depleted by the death of yet another person i Do Not Know. but. of course his movies hugely impacted me - like breathing air. 'pretty in pink' is my DNA. i saw the films in the theatre live style/real time. i was *there*, man! (said in 'woodstock voice').

BUT! when i read this testimonial/blog entry ('We'll Know When We Get There") that i am sure has circulated widely blog to blog to hit me then.

strange, too b/c a few weeks ago i was collecting images of molly ringwald for inspiration and such but didn't post. i know i have psychic capability but don't always act on it. too much disappointment, i s'pose.

so ya. my delayed reaction to the death of john hughes should give y'all a real clear sense of where i am @ right now...about 3 weeks behind.

o wait. i know why i didn't blog it. because it's TOO OBVIOUS that i would blog it. i take issue with being too obvious. i'll change that.
it's been a problem for YEARS now.
& i miss the boat.

speaking of THE BOAT...
PS o. the dance party thru the ages was fun!!! i got there late (of course) had to WAIT IN LINE which is generally refuse to do but i did b/c i knew it'd be worth it...i met a kid named Neil and we talked about the Exorcist for 20 minutes. by the time i got inside it was the late i only got highlights fr the last 30 years being 'sunglasses at night', a le tigre song, songs fr the future (robot style dancing), 'crazy in love' (i'm throwing these out random) 'common people'. wu tang. missy elliott. i was not keen on the 'weezer' spurt..towards The End was feelin' like depression-era dance contest/'they shoot horses, don't they?' probably 4 hours straight of dancing. i had a pounding dehydration headache but it was very worth it. Like, what could possibly be better? getting dressed up to go exericse? nothing!

i wish i could find a place to dance like the place they go to in SCARFACE..opulence w/ a 'chok'lit shop' feel (not peachpit. i hate early 90210 & clearly i am not intersted in the 'cokenail vibe'. No druggies, please) places are always skid with: Must Sell Booze. dont get me started on capitalist structure. we all know).To find a nice healthy place to dance seems impossible. Why doesn't yoko ono start some sort of foundation/chain of venues? She is forever telling us all to DANCE. Same for madonna. c'mon ladies. put your money where your mouth is.

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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