Thursday, August 27, 2009

getting ready to start possibly considering thinking about kickin' ass

These are dik-diks! Look at that lil anteater-type snout! what's that for? they are vegans.
tiny, mini. they weight 1.5lbs @ birth
why is this the world? Deaf Leopard: "Hmmm. I think i'mhungry. i'll pick myself up a dik-dik & a vid @ Pic-A-Flic. Back in a flash". (Look @ that Asshole Expression. I've seen that face before).

Dear God: Don't ever hurt these animals. i mean it.
I'm going to Africa so we can all hang out. walk on our hind legs. together.

not. i'm lying down on the couch w/ my hot laptop. staying up way past bedtime. fkn megavideo cut me off mad men S3E2. to be frank, i was falling asleep. i'm a lil worried. SPOILER ALERT. it's waning. i dont know what they're doing. something isn't right. i dont know what they're NOT doing. of course it's too early to tell. they're setting everything up..but by season 3, these series tend to start going a lil sideways. it's the egos and the money by that point. suddenly betty is the star. that's fine..i'm just sayin'.

True Blood. I can barely be bothered. ya sure i'll watch it but luv affair is OVER. Honeymoon. DONE.

these are good signs. these are vital signs. i'm too busy.

still in montreal. beautiful weather! the chill seeped in thru the nite. it's not fair. my summer has been one big gip. (gyp? oh. wait. now it's getting controversial). clearly i did not try hard enough. september is just a reminder of how much the summer sucked. all that hope. seems everyone says in may or june:
"It's gonna be a good summer!!!"

ya right. face facts. even though i was born in september - no great shakes. The transition from summer to fall is way abrupt. it's like falling backwards. (winter to spring is the best. summer is my favourite. this is new..after shedding 'dead can dance' out of my system).

oh gee. i wish i could post my book stuff but it's top secret. the cover is killer. i have to say. it happened BY ACCIDENT. I swear. it's like i didn't even do it. my hands were just moving around, being controlled. i don't know. i wish i could have NO TEXT on the cover but i dont know if that'll fly. i might just want the title and not even my name (classic ahlers style. "who made this?", "Who's art show is this? - is she even here?", "where did this zine come from? there's no name on it" etc).

visualize: HAWKS.

montreal was nice to me this afternoon. all i have to do is leave the house. i ran into a bunch of people i know from here and there (& some i dont want to know but i'm really good at vibing people out of the room/store/area of town. just kidding) and then i felt 'popular' for a few minutes. that was rare. i really do get tired of wandering around by myself.

Nerdsie introduced me to DIK-DIKS last nite!!! oh gee. how special. they are KILLING me. look at them!


Anonymous said...

You should give our friend Alex a call while you are in Montreal. She is awesome to hang around with you don't want to be alone. Lots of positive energy. Film maker....I'll send you her number on Facebook.

anabela / fieldguided said...

Clearly you went to Montreal to get more hilarious because there are so many good jokes in here! xo

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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