Saturday, August 15, 2009

jeff's a jeanius

look what jeff did!

Thanks for babysitting my art for seven years, documenting it and posting and then sending it back!

That Police album cover is one of my favourites. Do YOU see the LED portraits?

Just got home from Hong Kong - a fingernail and toe painting session. i can't bring myself to say 'mani' & 'pedi' even though i just did. i got: 1. fingernails: LIQUID PAPER 2. Toe nails: DRIED BLOOD.

i am thrilled! it took a long time. Lisa and i were passing out in the chairs. Lisa got hot pink and out of hand detailwork by the incredible artist lady. earlier we went to this crazy massage place where you lie on a bed and and 'jade balls' roll RANDOMLY up and down your spine to the top of your head and then to your ankles for half an hour. it was NUTS but incredible. we didn't want it to end. And for some reason: FREE. we think it is because they are trying to sell the beds. we guessed for around $5,000 each. Possibly more. We're totally going back.

I was just trying to have a nap in preparation for a dance party at a place called THE BOAT. It is a chronological dancy party mix starting from the 1890s to the year 2010. my nap was interrupted by a pleasant surprise: jank! Hence the subject title. He is my penpal from oh..around 1994?

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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