Wednesday, September 16, 2009

THE KICK INSIDE/all the people who've died died

i just found out today - whilst listening to the completely crappy 'ontario today' on cbc - that jim carroll died. sheesh people. quit dying! he was only 60. He had a heart attack. on september 11.he's famous for his writing and songs. he wrote a song:


i've always thot it was a cool song. there's a lil leo di caprio.

he looked so scary in recent photos - as though a stricken ghost skeleton. i dont know what happened. I'm sad for him.

so people die and people are born.
my friend ayumi sent me this image today. the baby foot pressing. let's celebrate life!
(while we still can).
and that's jim with patti smith.

ps i made the mistake of looking at pics of that lady w/ EXTREME plastic surgery the other day. i'm never gonna get it out of my head. she says 'plastic surgery gives her confidence'. you know the one. proceed with caution. or: dont bother at all. or: just dont go there.


print said...

it is good story by

janice said...

please tell me about this baby foot photo. its freaking me out.

anabela / fieldguided said...

I know you warned us but then I went and watched the video and a bunch of related videos about nose jobs and I got so BUMMED! How would we all look with nose jobs!?

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